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A Choice Career in a Great Place to Call Home

Choosing where to live and practice is one of the most important decisions a physician must make. But it doesn’t have to be the most difficult.

The quality of life in beautiful East Tennessee, the financial advantages of practicing here, and the strengths of the Covenant Health system make that important decision easy. These are factors in the decisions that led 1,500 other physicians to affiliate with Covenant Health.

Covenant Health strives to provide universal success for all physicians beginning or relocating their practices to our system through the unequalled access to patients that our system provides.

Physicians have access to more than 1 million patients through a wide range of plan types. In addition, Covenant Health facilities are included on provider lists of all major plans serving the area. 

The opportunities listed on this page are only those which are currently open. Others open frequently in response to the growing needs of the Covenant Health system and the communities we serve.


Email a Covenant Health Physician Recruiter at, or you can submit your information by clicking here.